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About IGAD-HYCOS - Implementation Phase

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The IGAD-HYCOS project is being executed in two phases, the preparatory phase (Phase I - one year) and implementation phase (Phase II - three years). The preparatory phase started in July 2011 and ended in June 2012. During Phase I, the setup of the basis for the field work was completed with all necessary logistic arrangements to enable a smooth start for the field implementation phase (Phase II).

THE FIELD IMPLEMENTATION PHASE   (Click Here to Download Phase II Bronchure)       

Implementation of IGAD-HYCOS will very much determine the success of INWRMP through its Expected Result4 “Regional water management information systems and observation networks strengthened”. Through provision of real time hydrological information for stakeholders and its input to these and other national, regional and international programmes the IGAD-HYCOS project will help decision makers draw more effective water management plans, and adapt to climate change based on accurate information. This will support improved governance in water and sanitation and management of water resources, particularly in shared basins.

The IGAD-HYCOS Project will address this shortcoming by strengthening the regional capacity to provide hydrological data and information services. IGAD-HYCOS aims at supporting the establishment and enhancement of water resources information management system that provide water related data for water managers, planners, decision makers, scientists and the general public. For that purpose the implementation phase (Phase II) will focus on strengthening infrastructure for hydrological observations in the participating countries, water quality monitoring, regional co-operation and information exchange.


  1. The Implementation phase of the IGAD-HYCOS project consists of the following specific objectives:

           i) To establish Regional Water Information System

          ii)  Strengthen Regional and National capacities of NHSs

As a result of the implementation of Phase II, it is expected to have in place a strong and powerful tool to help and assist participating countries in their socio-economic development plans. A Regional Water Information System will be operational and supported by modern Regional and National Databases. The activities during the implementation phase were classified under six main components:

Component 1:      Establishing the IGAD Regional Centre for Water Management (IRCWM)

Component 2:      Establishment of IGAD – HYCOS monitoring Network

Component 3:      Development of Regional Database and enhancing National Databases

Component 4:      Development of IGAD – HYCOS Web page

Component 5:      Strengthen Regional and National capabilities for Water Resources Management

Component 6:      Monitoring and Evaluation 

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