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The Project - Preparatory Phase

The IGAD-HYCOS project is designed to promote sustainable and integrated water resources development and management in the IGAD region through enhancement of regional cooperation and collaboration in the collection, analysis, dissemination and exchange of hydrological and hydro-meteorological data and information for water resources assessment, monitoring and management. For that purpose the project aims at providing adequate infrastructure for hydrological observations and appropriate regional cooperation in information exchange among the IGAD countries. The IGAD-HYCOS project is being executed in two phases, the preparatory phase (Phase I - one year) and implementation phase (Phase II - 33 months). The preparatory phase is designed to set up the basis for the field work and to complete all necessary logistic arrangements to enable a smooth start for the implementation phase.

 THE PREPARATORY PHASE  (Click here to download Phase I Bronchure)

The preparatory phase (Phase I), as envisaged in the INWRMP was to “Review and Update the original IGAD-HYCOS project Document”, and to lay down the preparatory works required for the implementation of the IGAD-HYCOS Project within the period of execution of the Financing Agreement between IGAD and EU. While the basic concept, goals and expected results envisaged in the original IGAD-HYCOS project document drafted in 2003 still remain valid, the evolving situation in the region, in terms of deteriorating hydro-meteorological networks; evolving telecommunication infrastructure and technological changes; and climate change impacts, among others, necessitate a revision of the project document and preparatory activities for the implementation phase (Phase II).

The original project document, compiled in 2003, provides only preliminary budget estimates. Also, there have been a number of changes in the situation on the ground regarding the needs and capabilities in each of the countries. Furthermore, at the request of East African Community (EAC) the scope of the project was extended to cover additional countries namely, Burundi and Rwanda. Also, observing the political changes in the Region, the Republic of South Sudan as a new member in IGAD was considered in the project as a new participating country.

The preparatory phase (Phase I) started in June 2011 and it was completed in June 2012. It focused on revision of the original project document which was prepared in 2003, and preparatory activities for the implementation phase (Phase II).  The project is demand driven to ensure the countries’ ownership; the preparatory phase involved extensive country consultations with all relevant stakeholders to identify their needs and to address the needs of the INWRMP. It also involved extensive country consultations with all relevant stakeholders to identify their needs and to address the needs of the INWRMP.

The Preparatory Phase of the IGAD-HYCOS project had two specific objectives:

  • Review and update IGAD-HYCOS project based on country consultations considering the current ground realties and water related issues.
  • Undertake preliminary preparation for the implementation phase of the Project.

The activities during the preparatory phase were classified under four main components. 

  • Establishing the Project Management Unit (PMU)
  • Reviewing and updating the IGAD–HYCOS document
  • Engagement with project stakeholders
  • Developing operational procedures

Under each one of the above components, various activities have been undertaken to achieve the expected outputs

The Project Management Unite (PMU) is well established and became operational in a good work environment.

The Project is demand driven and in-order to ensure countries’ ownership, the Revised Project Document with four Technical Reports have been prepared by five specialized consultants from the countries in collaboration with the Project Manager. The updated information was collected through a comprehensive process including country consultation and organizing national and regional workshops involving the stakeholders.

A familiarization Study tour for experts from participating countries was organized to Niger Basin Authority to acquire knowledge on how major infrastructures and the institution of Niger Basin Authority (NBA) are dealing with shared water resources and to listen to the experience in implementing the Niger-HYCOS.

Each participating country nominated their Steering Committee (SC) member, as well as an alternate, and the National Focal Point (NFP). The SC was constituted as the executive body for the oversight of the project. The first SC meeting was organized in Nairobi, Kenya on 26 November 2011. To engage the relevant stakeholders in the project development, the IGAD-HYCOS Stakeholder Interaction Workshop was held in Nairobi, Kenya from 24-25 November 2011,

National Stakeholders workshops were organized to promote the project and collect countries’ needs for the water sector. They were attended by ministers, policy makers, politicians, university professors, media and national experts from various sectors and they were facilitated by a team of consultants from the region.

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