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More Academic Institutions Visit IGAD-HYCOS PMU on 6th and 7th November 2013

Egerton University Requests for Partnership with IGAD-HYCOS on 6th November









 In continuation to promote the IGAD-HYCOS project and raise awareness about the importance of water in our life among the future generation, last week, on the 6th November 2013, the Project Management Unit (PMU) received university students from Egerton University. In another two separate visits in the following day, students from Bignet Education Center and Sawa Excellent Educational Center (primary schools) also visited the PMU. The visits were very useful to the students at different levels. It also demonstrated the role of IGAD in supporting the project, EU in financing the project and WMO in the implementation process.

Sixty student from the third year Water and Environmental Engineering Department, Egerton University led by Dr. Kamau Ngugi (Dean, School of Engineering) attended a briefing session on IGAD-HYCOS. The Project Manager (Mr Mohamed Tawfik) with the assistance of the Project Hydrologist (Mr Biruk Kebede) briefed the students on the project background and the expected results. They also focused on its contribution to address Water and Environment issues in the region. The students showed interest in the project objectives and activities and its links to their study. Through lively and active discussions, students and the Dean raised many questions about the project contribution to environmental issues, sustainability and capacity development. At the end of the session Dr. Kamau Ngugi (Dean, School of Engineering - Egerton University) on behalf of the students, expressed appreciation to the Project Manager and his team for the information provided.  He also expressed great interest in the project and requested the Project Steering Committee to consider his University as partner with IGAD-HYCOS and to include their students in future training workshops. The IGAD-HYCOS project donated to the university library nineteen copies of WMO’s technical publications including manuals and guidelines.   The Dean appreciated the donated technical documents and indicated that it will help the Ph.D students in their research.

In the following day 7th November 2013, sixty one pupils from Bignet Education Centre – Primary School accompanied by two teachers visited the IGAD-HYCOS Project Management Unit. The visit was followed by another group of thirty seven pupils from Sawa Excellent Educational Centre – Primary School accompanied by one teacher. 

Project Manager with IGAD-HYCOS staff received the two groups and briefed them on the importance of water in our life and how we can use it wisely. Further the project manager explained the project objectives and expected outcome to the groups in a simple and understandable language. A fact sheet about wate was distributed with other publicity materials to the pupils.  The teachers and the pupils were pleased to know about IGAD-HYCOS Project and the importance of water in our life.  They thanked the IGAD-HYCOS project for giving the opportunity to have more information about water.

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