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The 3RD International Water Association (IWA) DEVELOPMENT CONGRESS & EXHIBITION, 14 – 17 October 2013, Nairobi Kenya

Within the framework of IGAD-HYCOS communication and visibility strategy, the IGAD-HYCOS Project participated in the 3rd IWA Development Congress and Exhibition which took place from 14-17 October 2013 in Nairobi, Kenya. The main purpose of participating was to introduce and promote the project among the participants and to highlight the role of each partner including EU, IGAD, WMO and the National Meteorological and Hydrological Services.    

The IWA Development Congress and Exhibition provided a unique opportunity to signpost best practices, applied research and enabling policies to meet the water and sanitation challenges of today and tomorrow in an increasingly urbanizing world. The overarching goal of IWA’s Development Congress series is to identify, showcase and debate practical experiences and examples of service provision in developing countries that ‘work’, and critically, ‘work at large scale’. The Congress is therefore explicitly solutions focused, rather than diagnosing the challenges and problems in the sector, which are already well documented.

The IGAD-HYCOS project was allocated 15 minutes for a PowerPoint presentation during the WMO parallel session “Optimizing Resources along the Water, Food and Energy Nexus).It also obtained and staffed a 10 m2 space for a stand in the Exhibition Hall. The Project Team participated actively in the event.

The IGAD-HYCOS Project Manager made a presentation where the audience was briefed on the project objectives, achievements and the current status of implementation. The IGAD-HYCOS booth was well decorated and the project was presented through standing banners and wall posters. An educational comic book with a competition for the children was distributed to raise awareness among the local communities about the importance of water and how they can contribute to the protection of their valuable resources.



The IGAD-HYCOS booth attracted many visitors including Technical Advisory Committee and Steering Committee members. H.E Prof. Judi W. Wakhungu, the Kenyan Minister of Environment, Water & Natural Resources (Guest of Honor) visited our booth after the opening ceremony. H.E the Minister was briefed on the project and appreciated IGAD and EU support to the countries to contributing to addressing the water issues of the region. Attached herewith you can see a few pictures.


More pictures are available at the photo album. Click this link to view more pictures.

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