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Within the IGAD-HYCOS Capacity Development Programme, the Project Management Unit (PMU) in collaboration with Directorate of Water Resource Management in Uganda organized a Regional Training of Trainers Workshop on Installation, Operation and Maintenance of Hydrological Monitoring Network. The workshop was organized in Entebbe, Uganda for five days including one day in the field. It was held from 1st September to the 5th September 2014 at Central Inn Hotel in Entebbe. The workshop was designed to allow national experts from participating countries to be trained for training the technicians in their countries on the installation, operation and maintenance of IGAD-HYCOS hydrological equipment and observation network in their country.

The Workshop was attended by twenty five (25) participants from nine (9) countries (Burundi, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan and Uganda). The IGAD – HYCOS Project Management Unit experts (Project Manager, Hydrologist and Field Hydrologist) and an International consultant with the assistance of National experts from the Ugandan Directorate of Water Resources Management conducted the training sessions. The attendees with 100% mark reflected the countries interest in the IGAD-HYCOS Project and their commitment to make it a success.  It was officially opened by the Guest of Honour and Uganda Government Representative, Mrs Florence Adongo, Ag Director of the Directorate of Water Resources Management. The Report of the workshop and other materials are available in the following links.

The Full Report with Annexes

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Documents In English                                         Documents in French

Meeting Documents                                                              Manual and Reference Materials

1. Work Program                                                                  1. OMM-Guide Pratiques Hyrologiques

2. List of Participants                                                           2. Topographie et Topométrie

3. Training Evaluation Report                                             3. DALLE_Elements de topographie

                                                                                              4. Généralités_ADCP

                                                                                               5. Guide_ADCP

Presentations                                                                       6. Principe ADCP

1. IGAD-HYCOS Project Overview                                      7. Recommandations_Jauger_ADCP

2. Basic Concepts in Hydrological Network                      8.  Remplacer un Fusible

3. Issues Related to Monitoring Networks                         9. Historique_Nivellement

4. Design & Optimization of Hydrometric Networks        10. Hydrologie de Surface

5. Station Set up: Sensors and Loggers                           11. Modes_Operatoires

6. Civil Works: Problems and Proposed Solutions          12. Formation Techniciens _Hydrologie

7. Operation and Maintenance  of Instruments                13. Reperes_Nivellement

8. Groundwater Level Measurements                               14. Réseaux_Nivellement

9. Groundwater Monitoring                                                15. Strategie_Suivi_Evaluation

10. Water Quality Monitoring                                             16. Installation station

11. Field Work Overview                                                     17. Formation en Hydrométrie

Manuals and Reference Materials                                   18. GPS

1. WMO Guide to Hydrological Practices                        19. Intro - Généralités

2. Manual on Stream gauging Vol I                                  20. Méthodes Indirectes

3. Manual on Stream gauging Vol II                                 21. Méthodes Topométriques

4. Draft  Guildlines Hydrological Networks                     22. Topometrie

5. Dictionnary of Hydrological Engineering                    23. Topo-Nivellement

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