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23rd– 25th May 2016, Kigali, Rwanda

Some Photographs

The IGAD-HYCOS project held its 5th Steering Committee meeting from 23rd – 25th May 2016 at Swiss International Villa Portofino Hotel in Kigali, Rwanda. The meeting was organized by the Project Management Unit (PMU) in collaboration with the Rwanda Natural Resources Authority (RNRA) of the Ministry of Natural Resources in Rwanda.

The meeting was officially opened by the Guest of Honor, representative of the Government of Rwanda, Hon. Vincent Biruta, Minister of Natural Resources who noted that climate change is becoming a reality and sound water resources management and assessment is critical. In addition, he emphasized that data is the backbone for sound water resources management, and therefore there is need for enhancing technical and institutional capacities of countries to collect, store and disseminate timely and accurate hydrological information. Some of the key speakers who represented different organizations in the meeting included Mr Vincent Kabalisa (Deputy Director General, Integrated Water Resources Management Department (RNRA), Mr. Mohammed Tawfik, Project Manager, (IGAD-HYCOS), Dr Dominique Berod, Chief Basic Systems in Hydrology, (BSH / WMO), and Dr Abdourahman Houmed-Gaba (IGAD). They also emphasized that water resources in the IGAD region and the world at large should be well managed using the latest technologies and therefore there is need to continue supporting IGAD-HYCOS Project to fully achieve its objectives.  The meeting was attended by thirty (30) experts representing participating countries, IGAD, WMO, IRD, and PMU). The meeting was organized to discuss the progress and assess the implemented activities in accordance to the recommendation of the Fourth Steering Committee meeting and also to exchange of views on the work progress and provide guidance to the HYCOS Project Manager (PM) to ensure successful implementation of the remaining activities. The Steering Committee members were pleased and satisfied with progress and requested the management to maintain the momentum in order to achieve the project objectives. During the last day of the meeting the RNRA organized a visit to the Kigali Genocide Memorial.

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1. Final Report of the Meeting            1. Final Report of the Meeting_E
2. List of Documents   2. List of Documents_E
3. Information Note   3. Information Note_E
4. List of Participants   4. List of Participants_E
5. Draft Agenda   5. Draft Agenda- F
6. Explanatory Memorandum   6. Explanatory Memorandum- F
7. Work Programme   7. Work Programme-F
8. Progress Report   8. Progress Report-F
9. Work Plan   9. Work plan - E Draft
10. Forth Steering Committee Meeting Report   10. Forth SC meeting Report - F
11. List of Equipment   11. List of Equipment

Presentations: Countries

1. Burundi   5. Rwanda
2. Djibouti   6. Somalia
3. Ethiopia   7. South Sudan
4. Kenya   8. Sudan
      9. Uganda
Presentations: PMU and Consultant
1. Mr. Mohamed Tawfik (Project Manager)   4. Mr. Biruk Kebede
2. Mr. David Kataratambi   5. Mr. Jean-Pierre Bricquet (Consultant)
3. Mr. Washington Otieno      
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