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The sixth (6th) Steering committee for IGAD-HYCOS Project was organized at Lake Naivasha Country Club in Naivasha, Kenya from 22nd -24th November, 2016. IGAD-HYCOS Project Management Unit (PMU) in collaboration with the Department of Water Services in the Ministry of Water and Irrigation (Government of Kenya) . The meeting was officially opened by the PS in Ministry of Water and Irrigation, Prof. Fred Sigor on behalf of the Cabinet Secretary Hon. Eugene Wamalwa, who appreciated the work done by IGAD-HYCOS in providing real time monitoring of Water Resources. The Guest of Honor (Prof. Fred Sigor) emphasized on the need of effective management of scarce water resources in the IGAD region. He also outlined the steps being taken by Kenyan Government for monitoring and managing its water resources. Dr. Abdourahman Houmed Gaba (representative of IGAD-Secretariat), Ms. Khola Mohammed Ali (EU Representative), Dr. Elijah Muhala (WMO Representative for Eastern and Southern Africa-The late), Dr. Domnique Berod (representative of WMO Secretariat), and Mr. Mohammed Tawfik (IGAD-HYCOS Project Manager) were among the speakers in the opening session. They also emphasized the fact that water resources in the IGAD region and the world at large are scarce and should be wisely managed using the latest technologies. During their remarks, they all recognized the positive progress in the implementation of IGAD-HYCOS Project activities.

The main objective of the meeting was to allow the Steering Committee members to assess the progress of the implementation of the project activities and the status of implement their recommendations during the last meeting. They also discussed the sustainability issue of the project after the end of the project. The three day meeting proceeded well and all countries’ representatives and partners participated actively during the discussions. On the last day, the SC members discussed and agreed on specific conclusions and recommendations related to the implementation of IGAD-HYCOS activities during the remaining period. On the last day, participant had and enjoyable study tour in Lake Naivasha and thereafter winded the meeting up with a cocktail party.

The meeting was well attended with all the countries’ representatives and representatives from different organizations including IGAD, EU, WMO, UNDP,SWALIM, NBI and PMU. For the photo album you can click here, For the meeting’s recommendations and other related documents click the links below.

1. Conclusions and Recommendations

2. Documents

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1    Information Note                1   Note D'Information Pour Les Participants
2 List of Participants     2 List of Participants
Draft Agenda    3 Projet De L'Ordre Du Jour Provisoire
Work Programme   4 Projet De Programme De Travail
Explanatory Memorandum    5 Projet De L'Ordre Du Jour Provisoire
Progress Report   6 Rapport Sur L'etat De La Mise En Oeuvre
Work Plan   7 Work Plan
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