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IGAD-HYCOS Project Management Unit (PMU) in collaboration with the Ministry of Water and Environment, Directorate of Water Resources Management in the Government of Uganda successfully organized the seventh (7th) and the last IGAD-HYCOS Project Steering Committee meeting at Laico Lake Victoria Hotel in Entebbe, Uganda from 22nd -25th February, 2017. The meeting was officially opened by the Assistant Minister in the Ministry of Water and Environment who emphasized on the need of effective management of water resources and confirmed the commitment of the government of Uganda in supporting the activities of the project. Other speakers during the opening session also emphasized that water resources in the IGAD region and the world at large should be well managed using the latest technologies. These speakers included Mr. Mohammed Moussa (Representing IGAD Executive Secretary), Dr. Johannes Cullmann (Director of Water and Climate Department in WMO), Mr. Mohammed Tawfik (IGAD-HYCOS Project Manager) and representatives from UNDP, GIZ, etc. During their opening remarks, they all recognized the positive progress in the implementation of IGAD-HYCOS Project activities.

The main objective of the meeting was to allow the Steering Committee members to assess the progress of the implementation of the project activities and the status of implementing their recommendations during the sixth meeting. They also discussed the sustainability issue of the project after the end of the project.

The three day meeting proceeded well and all countries’ representatives and partners participated actively during the discussions. On the second day, participants had a field trip to Jinja where they visited the source of the Nile, power generating plant and one of IGAD-HYCOS Hydrologocal Monitoring Station. During the two remaining days of the meeting, the SC members discussed and agreed on specific conclusions and recommendations related to the sustainability of IGAD-HYCOS activities after 28th of March 2017.  The Steering Committee Members requested IGAD to collaborate with WMO to prepare a project proposal to sustain the project during a short term transition period and another long term proposal for a follow up phase. WMO accepted to share with the countries the proposal by the third week of March 2017. 

For the photo album you can click here, For the meeting’s recommendations other presentation click the links below.

1. Conclusions and Recommendations

2. Presentation By Project Manager

3 Presentation By Countries

A. Burundi                                                                        B. Djibouti  

C. Ethiopia                                                                       D. Kenya

E. Rwanda                                                                       F. Somalia  

G. South Sudan                                                              H. Sudan  

I. Uganda

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