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Participating Countries - Ethiopia

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Ethiopia is located on latitude 3-15 00°  N and longitude 33-48 00°  E in the Horn of Africa and is bordered on the North East by Eritrea, on the East by Djibouti and Somalia, on the South by Kenya, and on the West by South Sudan and North West by Sudan.  The population is over 94 million and the capital is Addis Ababa (the largest city).  The country has great geographic diversity with mountains, high plateaus (Ethiopian Plateau), deep gorges, river valleys, and lowland plains.  The highest point is Ras Dashan at 4,620 meters above sea level and the lowest is Danakil Depression at 120 meters below sea level. Ethiopia is a member of IGAD and also the headquarter of African Union (AU), Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) and seat of mainly International Diplomatic offices.


Ethiopia with a total surface area of about 1.13 million square Kilometers has 12 major rivers basins.Abay/blue Nile, Baro Akobo, Omo- Gibe, Tekeze, Awash, Rift Valley, Genale Dawa, Wabisheble, Mereb are the wet River system while Aysha, Denakil and ogaden are the dry basins.  The Annual surface water of the country is estimated at about 122 Billion meter cubic per annum. Many rivers of the country drains into neighboring countries,  that is, has a trans –boundary river. The country has also many lakes such as Lake Tana. Ziway, Langano, Abiyata, chamo, Abbaya and Many more. Majority the basins spread out from the central ridges that separate the Rift Valley from the highlands of Ethiopia to all directions out of the country.

The ministry of Water, Irrigatiom and Energy is responsible for the development, planning and management of water and energy resources The directorate of Hydrology and Water Quality of the ministry  is responsible for the implementation of IGAD-HYCOS Project in Ethiopia. The staffs involved are Mrs. Semunesh Golla (Steering Committee Member). For more information, visit Ministry of Water and Energy  

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