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Participating Countries - Rwanda

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Administrative Map of RwandaThe Republic of Rwanda (also known as the land of a thousand hills) is a landlocked country situated in East-Central Africa on longitude 300E and latitude 20S. Rwanda is bordered by Uganda to the North, Tanzania to the East, Burundi to the South and Democratic Republic of Congo to the West. The total land area is 26,338km2 and a population of about 11.7 million. Rwanda has five volcanoes, twenty-three lakes and numerous rivers, some forming the source of the River Nile. The entire country is at a high altitude (mountains-grassy uplands and deep valleys) with the lowest point being River Ruzizi at 950 m and the highest is Mount Karisimbi at 4,507 m above sea level. The capital city is Kigali (the largest). Rwanda is not a member of IGAD.

Mountains dominate central and western Rwanda which are part of the Albertine Rift Mountains e.g. Mount Karisimbi. The centre of the country has rolling hills, while the eastern border region consists of savanna, plains and swamps. The watershed between major Congo and Nile drainage basins runs from north to south through Rwanda. The major rivers include Nyabarongo (the longest), Ruvubu, Kagera (formed by Kagera and Nyabarongo), Ruzizi, etc. The country also has many lakes such as Kivu (the largest in Rwanda and the highest in Africa), Muhazi, Ihema, Bulera, Ruhondo, Rweru, Mugesera. The country has numerous other features like wildlife in its vast national parks.

The Volcanoes National park in the Virunga volcanic mountains are world famous for Mountain Gorillas, Lake Kivu offers beautiful beaches, jutting pennisulas and an archipelago of islands. The economy is based mostly on subsistence agriculture while coffee and tea are the major crops for export.  Other activities include fishing, mining, tourism, among others

The Ministry of Natural Resources is mandated to ensure the protection and conservation of the environment and ensure optimal and rational utilization of natural resources for sustainable national development. Rwanda Natural Resources Authority Agency is responsible for the implementation of IGAD- HYCOS Project in Rwanda. The staff involved is Mr. Vincent de Kabalisa (Steering Committee Member). For more information click this link. Ministry of Natural Resources

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