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Participating Countries - South Sudan

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The Republic of South Sudan was part of Sudan until July 2011 when it became independent. South Sudan is a landlocked country in East Africa located on longitude  30.4500° E, latitude 6.9833° N  and is bordered by Sudan on the North, Ethiopia on the East, Kenya, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo on the south and the Central African Republic on the West. The countries’ three main regions are Bahr el Ghazal, Equatorial, and Upper Nile. The total area of South Sudan is about 644,329 sq km and a population of about 10.6 million. The capital city is Juba (the largest city) and the country is a member of IGAD. South Sudan has plains in the north and center and highlands in the south, along the border with Uganda and Kenya. The country is rich in natural resources

The terrain includes tropical forests, swamps (Sudd), and grassy savannas. Swamps surround the Sudd, Bahr el Ghazal, and the Sobat River Basins. The main mountains of South Sudan are the Imatong Mountains in the South East and the nation's highest point is on Mount Kinyeti, having an elevation of 3,187 meters above sea level. The White Nile (a tributary of the River Nile), the dominant geographical feature, flows across the country and together with other tributaries supports agriculture and large wild animal populations. The White Nile valley is one the richest agricultural areas in Africa. The country is also rich with minerals like petroleum, gold, and rough diamonds and this makes mining the main economic activities

The Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation is responsible for the development and management of all water resources. The ministry is also responsible for the implementation of the IGAD-HYCOS Project in South Sudan through the following dedicated staff.

1. Eng. Isaac Liabwel C. Yol (Steering Committee Member)

2. Eng. Simon Otuong Awijak (National Focal Point

 For more information, about South Sudan, click these links Official Government Site or Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation 

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