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The Republic of Sudan is located on longitude 30°00′E and latitude 15°00′N and in North Eastern Africa. Sudan is bordered by Egypt to the North, the Red Sea to the North East, Eritrea and Ethiopia to the East, South Sudan to the South, the Central African Republic to the South West, Chad to the West and Libya to the North West. Sudan has an area of about 1,886,068 square kilometers and is among the largest countries in Africa and the world. Sudan is in the center between Africa and the Arab world and therefore it became a bridge between North and South Africa. South Sudan was part of Sudan until 2011 when it became independent country. The capital city of Sudan is Khartoum which consists of three main towns (Khartoum, Khartoum North and Omdurman). The total population of Sudan is about 33 million. Sudan is a member of IGAD.

The Nile is the dominant geographic feature of Sudan, flowing from Uganda in the south to Egypt in the north. Most of the country lies within its catchment basin. The Blue Nile from Ethiopian highlands and the White Nile from Central African lakes, join at Khartoum to form the Nile River that flows to Egypt. Other major tributary of the Nile is Atbarah River which joins to the Nile before it reaches Egypt. Agriculture and mining are the main economic activities. The country also has Wildlife but, human settlements, the grazing of domestic herds, and hunting, is threatening the existence of animals such as elephants, lions, and giraffes. These animals are rarely seen outside the game reserves and national parks that have been established by some countries of the Sudan.

The Ministry of Water Resources and Electricity is mandated to oversee the development, management and planning of water resources and electricity. General Directorate of Nile Water Affairs and Dams, under this ministry is responsible for the implementation of IGAD-HYCOS Project in Sudan. The staffs charged with this are Dr. Ahmed El Hassan El Tayeb (Steering Committee Member) and Mr. Musa Mohammed Mustafa (National Focal Point). For more information click the following links: Dams Implementation Units or Sudan Web Site in Arabic


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