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Steering Committee

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The Project Steering Committee (PSC) is the executive body of the IGAD – HYCOS Project. It plays a major role to ensure project coherence and oversee the project policy, strategy and implementation progress. It has the authority to make any changes to the plan of activities as described in the project document and approve the annual work plan and budget. The Steering Committee meetings are suppose to be held every year (Click here to read the reports of the Steering Committee meetings). The PSC is composed of 15 members representing their countries/organizations. It is composed from high level officials as follows:

  • One representative from each participating country (10 Countries)
  • A representative of the executing agency (IGAD)
  • A representative of the Implementing Agency (WMO)
  • A representative of the Donor (EC)
  • A representative of the Technical Partner (ICPAC)
  • The Project Manager (Secretary)


PSC Members in the photograph (Pioneer Steering Committee Members)

No.         Title        Name                                                  Organization/Country

1.            Mr.         Gerard Ntungumburanye                   Burundi

2.            Dr.          Kamil Daoud Ali                                  Djibouti (Not in the picture)

3.            Mr.         Mohamed M. Tawfik                             IGAD-HYCOS (Project Manager)

4.            Dr.          Ahmed El Hassan El Tayeb               Sudan (Not in the Picture)

5.            Eng.       Isaac Liabwel C. Yol                            South Sudan

6.            Mr.         Vincent De Paul Kabalisa                    Rwanda

7.            Eng.       Mugisha Shillingi                                  Uganda

8.            Mr.         Mohamed Moussa                                 IGAD

9.            Mrs.       Semunesh Golla                                    Ethiopia

10.          Mr.         John Rao Nyaoro                                   Kenya

11           Mr.         Bruce Stewart                                         WMO          


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