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Training Materials - Hydrological Modeling and GIS Application

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Regional Training of Trainers Workshop on Hydrological Modeling and GIS Applications, Addis Ababa Ethiopia 


Taking Praticals








           Group Photograph                                        Practical Training Session

IGAD-HYCOS Project Management Unit organized a regional training of trainers’ workshop in Hydrological Modeling and GIS Applications for five days including one day for field visit to Koka Hdropower generation in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in collaboration with Addis Ababa Institute of Technology (Addis Ababa University). The workshop was held from 15th to 19th December 2014 at Addis Ababa Institute of Technology (Addis Ababa University) in Ethiopia. The workshop was aimed at training the national experts from the participating countries for training the other experts in their countries on areas related to Hydrological Modeling and GIS Applications

The Workshop was well attended by twenty (23) participants from nine (9) countries (Burundi, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan and Uganda) and three experts from PMU. The training sessions with intense practicals were conducted in The workshop held at the Hydroinformatics lab in AAiT by the experts from Addis Ababa University, with the assistance of IGAD – HYCOS Project Manager. The participants’ active participation and good attendance reflected the countries interest and commitment in the success of IGAD-HYCOS Project activities.  The opening ceremony was attended by the Steering Committee and the National Focal Point for IGAD-HYCOS Project in Ethiopia and was officially opened by the Guest of Honour and Advisor for the Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Energy (Ethiopian Government), Mr. Tesfaye Fecha. In his opening remarks, he acknowledged the effort made by the IGAD-HYCOS Project office to strengthen the capacity of the national water sector and remindend the participants to give time for the training to acquire accumulated knowledge of the professors in the AAiT. The Report of the workshop and other materials are available at the following links.

Full report for the workshop                                                    Some photographs

Presentations Materials                                                      Reference Materials       
1.   GIS and Hydrology:Overview of GIS   1.   Setting Up SWAT Model with Arc SWAT 
2. Terrain Pre-Processing in GIS 2.  Free GIS Desktop Applications
3 Areal Rainfall in GIS 3.   GIS Demo using Mapwindow

Rainfall-RunOff Relations

4.   Introduction to MapWindow GIS

Hydrological Modeling

5.   Aplicación del SWAT a la Cuenca hidrográfica 

Map Window Interface for SWAT

6.  MapShed Manual
7. Geo-Processing(Map Window SWAT) 7.   Mapwindow GIS Tutorial
8. SWAT Pre-Processing 8.  Model Selection
9. SWAT Output Plotting and Graphing 9. Quick Guide to Mapwindow V4.8.6 
    10.  SWAT Watershed Modeling
    11.   Soil & Water Assessment Tool (SWAT)
    12.   Waterbase Project

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