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Training Materials - Integrated Flood Management

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                      Group Photograph                                    Groups Discussion Session

The Project Management Unit (PMU) in collaboration with University of Nairobi organized a Regional Training of Trainers Workshop on Integrated Flood Management (IFM) which is within the framework of Phase II of IGAD-HYCOS Project aimed at strengthening the regional and national capacities in management of water resources. The workshop was held from 6th – 10th October 2014 at the Rosa Mystica Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya,  for five days including one day in the field. The workshop was designed to allow national experts from participating countries to be trained for the purpose of training other experts in their countries on Integrated Flood Management

The Workshop was attended by twenty(20) participants from nine (9) countries (Burundi, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan and Uganda). The experts/resource persons from University of Nairobi, National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA), and Kenya Meteorological Services with the assistance of IGAD – HYCOS Project Management Unit experts (Project Manager, Hydrologist, Field Hydrologist, and IT Expert) conducted the training sessions. The workshop was well attended and this reflected the countries interest and commitment in the IGAD-HYCOS Project.  The workshop was officially opened by the Guest-of-Honour and World Meteorological Organization representative for Eastern and Southern Africa Region, Dr. Elijah Mukhala. The opening ceremony was also attended by the National Focal Point (NFP) for Kenya, Mr.Simintei Kooke, who gave positive remarks on the need to have training workshops related to IFM. The Report of the workshop and other materials are available at the following links.

The Full Report with Annexes

Photo Gallery


Experts/Resource Persons Presentations                                      Country Presentations  
Day 1   1.   IFM and Development Policy       1. Burundi  
  2. Environmental Aspects   2. Djibouti  
        3. Ethiopia  
Day 2 1. Community Based Flood Risk Management   4. Kenya  
  2. Early Warning Systems   5. Rwanda  
        6. Somalia  
Day 3 1. Emerging Technologies in Flood Management   7. South Sudan  
  2. Geopspatial Technologies in Flood Management     8. Sudan  
  3. Satellite Imagery Solutions   9. Uganda  
  4. Flood Management Interventions      
        Group Presentations  
Day 4 1. Integrated Flood Management Planning   1. Group 1  
  2. Legal Aspects of IFM   2. Group 2 and 4  
  3. Urban Hydrology   3. Group 3  
Reference Materials   Other Documents  
  1. Flood Risk Assessment   1. Field Trip Brief   
  2. IFM Environmetal Aspects   2. Expectations  
  3. IFM Legal Aspects   3. Program  
  4. IFM Legal Aspects Case studies       
  5.  IFM Social Aspects       
  6.  IWRM and Floods       
  7.  Legal and Institutional Aspects of IFM      
  8.  Manual in Community Involvement in India      
  9. Socio_Economics of Floods      
  10. The Planning System and Flood Risk Management      
  11. UN Water IFM Concept Paper      
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