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Integrated Water Resources Management – Cap-Net Training Materials

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Cap-Net UNDP is an international network for capacity development in Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM). Its formation in 2003 was initiated by the UNDP's decision to declare Cap-Net as International Network for Capacity Development in Sustainable Water Management. Cap-Net is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, SIDA and the EU and hosted by the Water Research Commission in Pretoria, South Africa. EU funds from the Water Facility support capacity building actions in Africa and the Caribbean. The goal was building effective global networks for education, research institution and international organization by utilizing IWRM to improve accessibility, knowledge and to be able to become an information resource align with Cap-Net objectives.

Capacity building networks are the key partners and implementing members of Cap-Net. They are autonomous, usually informal, associations of people and organizations with a common interest in capacity building and water. Most of them have no independent funding and they commit a considerable amount of their own time and resources to the network.

The networks at country, regional and global level are increasing delivery of information, training and education on integrated water resources management, water supply and sanitation and other water subjects. They are also sharing their materials and expertise thus contributing to the global knowledge base and south - south collaboration while increasing coordination and efficiency.

Water Cap is a Kenyan Networks for Capacity Development in Sustainable Water Management at national level. It has good experience in organizing IWRM Training of Trainers short courses in Kenya and in the Region.

The IGAD-HYCOS Training of Trainers (ToT) in Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) was facilitated and partially supported by Cap-Net/Water-Cap.

Cap-Net agreed to share with stakeholders and partners of IGAD-HYCOS their training documents. The materials presented in this page are produced by Cap-Net.


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Introduction               1   Introduction
2 Introduction à la gestion intégrée des ressources en eau        2  IWRM smaller
3 Les fonctions de la gestion des ressources en eau           3  WRM Functions
4 Utilisation des indicateurs pour mesurer les progrès   4  Indicator
5 Participation des parties prenantes   5  Stakeholder Participation
6 Allocation de leau   6  Water Allocation
7 La gestion de la pollution   7  Pollution control 
8 Systèmes de surveillance   8  Monitoring 
9 La gestion de l_information   9  Information Management 
10 Les instruments économiques et financiers   10  Economics 
11 Aménagement du bassin pour les ressources en eau   11  Basin planning 
Reference Documents 
1 Cap-Net, GWP, 2005 IWRM  
 Water for Life and Livelihoods 
 Water Pollution Control
 Water Allocation
 Economics of water FINAL
 Information management
 Multicentric Technology
10   Google Earth
11   GIS and how it works


 For more training materials, click the following link: Cap-Net Training Materials

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