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Integrated Water Resources Management - IGAD-HYCOS Regional Training

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Regional Training of Trainers Workshop

Group Phograph

Within the framework of Phase II of IGAD-HYCOS Project aiming at strengthening the regional and national capacities of the water sector, the Project Management Unit (PMU) in collaboration with IGAD Inland Water Resource Management Programme (INWRMP) and Water Capacity Building Network (WaterCap), organized a Training of Trainers Workshop on Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) which was held in Nairobi, Kenya from 15 – 19 July 2013 at the Institute of Meteorological Training and Research (IMTR).

The workshop was attended by 24 participants from nine countries (Burundi, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan and Uganda).  The participants were drawn from a wide spectrum of senior and top water institution officials. 


Day One                                                      Day Four
1 Participants Expectaions  Data and Information Needs for IWRM_Narobi
2 Dynamics of the Hydrological Cycle 2 Economics and financial Aspects of IWRM
3 Exercise WRM functions 3 IWRM_Technologies
4 Main 4 WR permitting and  charging 
Day Two                                                      Reference Documents        
1 Case Study Presentation 1 AMCOW_2012 Africa Status Report On IWRM
2 Catchment Management Plan 2 CCI on Hydrological Extremes
3 Group Plenary 3 Climate Change Training Manual
4 Planning and Implentation  Conflict Manual Final 17-09-08
5 Status of IWRM in Africa  5 IWRM_Transboundary_River_Basins 
6 Catchment Management Group Exercise RBO Manual 
7 Middle Catchment Residents 7 Indicators 
8 Pundamilia Catchment    
Day Three                                          Sector Aspects of IWRM
1 Effective Communication in IWRM 1 Agriculture
Environment and Risk Managment in IWRM  2 Domestic
3 Ethopia -Soma Exercise_2 3 Environment 
4 Group work on IWRM institutions_Burundi     
5 Insitutional and legal Framework_DJIBOUTI    WorkShop Documents
Institutional and legal framework Group work  1 Minimum IWRM Indicators Set
Institutional and legal framework  2 Report
8 IWRM Sudan  Work Programme
9 Overview of Institutional Setups in Uganda    
10 RSS's Institutional and legal framework    
11  Water sector reforms in Kenya    

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