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Operation and Maintenance of GSM/GPRS Stations By SEBA

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Regional Training of Trainers by SEBA Hydrometrie 

on Operation and Maintenance of GSM/GPRS Equipment/Stations

16th-21st November 2015, Entebbe Uganda

Group PhotohraphThe Project Management Unit (PMU) in collaboration with Directorate of Water Resource Management (DWRM) in Uganda, and SEBA Hydrometrie organized a Regional Training of Trainers in Operation and Maintenance of GSM/ GPRS equipment / Stations in Entebbe, Uganda from 16thNovember-21 November 2015.. The training was planned for six days including one day field training. The training was designed to allow the national experts to familiarize and acquire skills required for installation and maintenance of GSM/GPRS stations/Equipment. After the training, the national experts were expected to train other technicians in their countries so that they can install IGAD-HYCOS stations in their countries.

Field TrainingThe Workshop was well attended by twenty one (21) participants from the IGAD-HYCOS participating countries and three technical experts from Project Management Unit. The theoretical and practical sessions were conducted by Mr. Jonas Sinan, an expert from SEBA Hydrometrie (Germany) with the assistance of Mr. Jean-Pierre Bricquet, an international consultant recruited by WMO. SEBA Hydrometrie was the main equipment supplier to IGAD-HYCOS. The inputs from both the National and PMU experts were also well recognized. The participants showed interest to follow the training ant to understand the installation process of the GPRS/GSM equipment. The participants’ active participation and 100% mark attendance reflected the countries’ interest in the IGAD-HYCOS Project activities. DWRM organized a one day trip to one of their sites for field training on the installation of IGAD-HYCOS GSM/GPRS stations in Uganda. The training proved to very useful and it was recommended by trainer and participants to organize a second one after participants have gained some experience in installation in their countries. The Report of the workshop and other materials are available in the following links.

The Full Report with Annexes

Photo Gallery

Documents in English Documents in French
1. DEMASdb User Manual                               1.  DEMASdb Manuel Utilisateur
2.  DEMSdb User Manual (E, F, A)  2.  DEMSdb Manuel Utilisateur (E, F, A) 
3.  DEMSOle User Manual 3a.  DEMASOle Manuel d 'Utilisation 
    3b. Logiciel DEMASOle (Mode d'emploi bref)
4.  DEMASvis User Manual 4.  DEMASvis Manuel Utilisateur 
5. SEBA Modem Configurator Manual  5.  Modem Configurateur SEBA
6. SEBAConfig User Manual 6.  Manuel d'utilisation_Leica NA720 
7. SEBAConfig Short User Manual 7.  Compteur SEBA -Z6 
8. SEBAConfig Short Manual  for MODBUS 8.  User manual Software SEBAConfig 
9. Operation User Manual 9.  User manual Configuration GPRS
10. User Manual F1 10.  Manuel d'utilisation F1 
11.  User manual_KLL-Q-2, Checker-2, RS485  11.  Manuel d'utilisation_KLL-Q-2, Checker-2 
12.  User manual MPS Qualilog  12.  Manuel d'utilisation MPS Qualilog 
13.  User manual_RG50_(RG425)_e_Rev1.3  13.  Manuel d'utilisation_RG50_(RG425
14.  User manual_Unilog_MDS 14.  Manuel d'utilisation_Unilog_MDS 
15.  User manual_UnilogCom 15. Manuel d'utilisation_Unilog
16.  User manual_Z6 16.  Manuel d'utilisation_Z6 
17.  User manual_LevelSense     
18.  User manual_SEW-II mit 24V     
19.  User manual weather station     
20. Tapping groundwater with SebaConfig    
21. Sea level measurement_SebaConfig    

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