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Training Materials - Hydrological Forecasting and Time Series Analysis

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                  Group Photograph                                                                   Minister (Left) Awarding Certificate

One of the objectives of IGAD-HYCOS Project is to strengthen the capacities of National Hydrological Services for Water Resources Management.  In this regard, the Project Management Unit (PMU) in collaboration with The Hydraulics Research Center (HRC) in Wad Medani, Sudan organized a Regional Training of Trainers Workshop on Hydrological Forecasting and Time Series Analysis from 11th – 15th January, 2015. The workshop delivered by experts from HRC and Ministry of Water Resources and Electricity was organized for five days including one day in the field (Gebel Aulia Dam and Ministry of Water Resources and Electricity in Khartoum). One of the objectives of the Hydraulic Research Center is to give support for developing and improving water resources and management activities relating to the main sphere of the national economy. The workshop was designed to allow national experts from participating countries to be trained in order to train the other experts in their countries on areas related to Hydrological Forecasting and Time Series Analysis such as hydrological data processing, frequency analysis of time series, flood forecasting systems, rainfall run-off modeling using hec-hms, hydrodynamics modeling, etc.

The well organized Workshop  had 100% attendance by twenty one (21) participants from nine (9) countries (Burundi, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan and Uganda) and three experts from PMU. IGAD-HYCOS Project Manager was also in attendance and his participation, guidance and support contributed positively to the success of the workshop. The country representatives’’ active participation and good attendance reflected their countries interests and commitment in the success of IGAD-HYCOS Project activities.  The workshop was officially opened by Prof. Yasir A. Mohamed, Director General, Hydraulics Research Centre who appreciated IGAD-HYCOS Project Management Unit for selecting HRC to offer the training. The workshop was later closed by Dr. Peter Teh Tabita Shokai, the Minister of Water Resources and Electricity, and was assisted by Dr. Seifeldin Hamad Abdalla.The Report of the workshop and other materials are available in the following links.

The Full Workshop Report                    Evaluation Report                   Workshop Photographs    
Presentations by Resource Persons
1     Introduction of the workshop                                      12    Flood forecasting
2 Introduction to Hydrology 13 Introduction to Watershed Modeling
3 Hydrological Cycle 14 Rainfall Runoff Modeling_HEC - HMS
4 Precipitation 15 Water Resources of Sudd Wetland
5 Evapotranspiration 16 River Flow Routing_1
6 Surface Water Resources 17 River Flow Routing_2
7 Water Balance 18 Introduction to Sobek
8 Hydrological Monitoring 19 Flood Forecasting Model in Sudan 
9 Introduction to Time Series Analysis 20 Nile Forecasting Center Overview
10 Frequency Distribution 21 Hydrologic Analysis
11 Trend analysis 22 Booklet for the Lecture Notes (Summary)











Reference Materials  HYMOS Software
1     Flow Estimation and Routing                                         1     Introduction                                           
2 Flood Routing for Inundation Prediction (Bates)       2 Database Management
3 Example for Routing  3 Maps and Monitoring networks         
4 Flood Routing  4 Series and Functions
5 Hydrological Vs Hydraulic Routing  5 Entry and Edit
6 River Hydraulics  6 Validation
7 Saint Venant for forecasting  7 Stream Flow Measurements
8 ADCP Measurement of the Blue Nile  8 Statistical and time series analysis
9 Establishing Rating Curve  9 Tools 
10 Fitting Q-H  10 HYMOS Questions and Answers
11 In Tech Discharge Measurement Techniques  11 Manual HYMOS Import Wizard
12 Management of Water Control Systems  12 Reports and Graphs
13 Discharge Measurement Structures  13 Completion
14 Flood Guidelines (Integrated Flood Forecasting)  14 NL Aquo Parameter List
15 WMO Flood Forecasting and Warning  15 HYMOS tutorial















Videos (1-3 are in mp4 format while number 4 is Youtube)
1    CNN Explains Tropical cyclones                                       3     Measuring Rainfall                                
2 Evapotranspiration Estimates Methods 4 Time Series Analysis
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