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Training of PMU Technical Experts and ICPAC Expert on MCH

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IGAD-HYCOS Training of PMU and ICPAC Technical Experts by WMO Expert on MCH Software

5th -7th October 2015, Nairobi, Kenya

Opening SessionGroup Photo After Training


  Group Photograph During Opening Session                                      Group Photograph After Training

WMO supported an international expert in the development of MCH Software. This Software was developed to assist National Hydrological Services (NHSs) and National Meteorological Services (NMSs) to better management of their databases. MCH is an open source software and is available freely to WMO member countries upon request. WMO tested the software in various projects in different regions and it has proved to be acceptable according to WMO standards.

IGAD-HYCOS Project is considering installing a hydrological database application software that will be user friendly and providing better functionalities to the users. The project is in the process of evaluating various hydrological database software in order to determine the most appropriate. Some of the software being considered includes MCH, HYDROMET, AQUARIUS, among others. In this regard, the Project Management Unit (PMU) in collaboration with WMO Secretariat organized a 3 - day training on MCH Software (WMO owned software for hydrology and climate data management). The training was conducted at PMU office in Nairobi by WMO expert, Mr. Nirina Ravalitera, Scientific Office, Climate and water department in WMO Secretariat.

The training began on 5th October 2015 at 8.30am in the IMTR conference room in Kenya Meteorological Services, Nairobi, Kenya. It was attended by three IGAD-HYCOS experts (Mr. Biruk Kebede-Hydrologist, David Kataratambi-Field Hydrologist, and Washington Oluoch-IT Expert) and one Expert from ICPAC (Mr. Ougus Elmi-Database Manager).

The first day was dedicated to introduction to MCH and the procedures for installing MCH and other required software. The second day the participants were trained on how to record and store data in MCH tables. They were also shown how to process the data by using actual data from one of the rivers in Uganda. The last day focused on the development of rating curves, installation, and use of web module of MCH.

At the end of the training, the participants became familiar with major components of MCH and appreciated the robust functionalities of the software. The training was successful and the participants appreciated the trainer for excellent training sessions. Mr. Nirina appreciated all the participants for their active participation and showing interest in understand the MCH software. For more information about MCH, click here. Below are the workshop training materials.

Training Documents
1.  Check list for the installation of Apache Web Server  10.   Relation in Transftable 
2.  MySQL5 Installation for MCH                                  11. SPI_SDI_Periodo De Retorno
3. MCH Installation 12.  Vectorial Map 
4. ODBC Connectivity 13.  Drawing ROSE WIND In Excel 
5. R modules for MCH 14. Drawing ROSE WIND In Excel_2
6. MCH User Manual 15.  Guide to Hydrological Practice_Vol_1 
7. Generating KML Files to MCH 16.  Guide to Hydrological Practice_Vol_2
8. Generating KML Files to MCH_2 17.  International Glossary on Hydrology 
9.  How to use the Sun Duration  18.  Manual on Stream Gauging_Vol.1 
    19.  Manual on Stream Gauging Vol.2 

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